Click On This – Playground

Need a little break from studying, work, or the winter blues? Why not play around the web a little with some of these fun sites.

Ad Verbum –
Play a game of interactive fiction.

Autodisemvoweler –
All those pesky vowels! We know consonants are enough, don’t we? Plug in some text and hit the button and the Autodisemvoweler will take out those wasteful vowels!

CeraCera Paper Models –
Lots of nifty, moving paper models that you can download the instructions for and make yourself.

Interactive Visual Sound Applet –
Draw something and see what it sounds like.

Twinkler –
What do you want to do with your life? Make a list of your own and see how many other people share that goal with you.

Word Gizmo –
Click the Generate button to view a new word. Keep clicking until you see a new word that suggests a meaning to you. When you generate a word you’d like to see listed in the WordGizmo Dictionary, please submit a definition.

The Image Quiz –
This site raids Google’s image search, shows you the images, and in that equally addictive Jeopardy! way makes you guess the question. Sometimes one-word answers, sometimes two words, it’ll have you wasting away the morning.

Surrealist Games –
Come play a while… with diurnal asparagus and other such manifestations.

Project K++ –
Make your own computer-generated abstract art. Neat! You can move stuff around on the pictures after you make them.

Paper Box –
Use this site to design a paper box that you can then print out and use.

1000 Blank White Cards –
This is a card game, with a difference: You create the cards you play with.