Voice Writing Contest, 2004 – Winners’ List

The 2004 Voice Writing Contest drew more than twice the number of entries than last year’s contest, making it a smashing success. Once again, the number of high quality entries was inspiring and made the job of the judges very difficult. Judging deadlines had to be pushed back twice to allow for ample review of each item, and to ensure a decision that best reflected the diverse opinions of the panel. Once again the fiction category received far more entries than the fiction, and the quality of these entries prompted the judges to select three for honourable mention. The final decision was not made easily. Now that all winners have been notified, we are pleased to present the official winner’s list:

Fiction Category

First Place – Courtney William Pollett of Vancouver BC – Fables from the Pleasure Dome
Honourable Mention – Wanda St. Louis of Bear River, NS – Into the Cool
Honourable Mention – Rebecca Brewer of Edmonton, AB – To Connect
Honourable Mention – Wanda Bakker of Westlock, AB – The Motorcycle

Non-Fiction Category

First Place – George Hawthorne of Dorchester, NB – Books for Crooks
Honourable Mention – Julie Boyles of Stillwater Lake, NS – My Adventures in Nursing

The winners of both categories received a $400 scholarship, while the honourable mentions received Voice logo fleece jackets. The Voice would like to thank the following AU students and staff who contributed to the Voice scholarship fund by donating all or a portion of their Voice earnings. These generous contributions allowed us to increase the amount of the scholarship for this year’s contest!

Teresa Neuman, AU Student, AUSU VP External (2004-Feb 05)
Stephen Murgatroyd, AU Executive Director, External Relations
Jana Thurova, AU Student
Stacey Steele, AU Student

Thank you so much for your generosity toward fellow AU students!

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to our judges, the three AU faculty who spent an extraordinary amount of time reading and commenting on all of the entries in both categories. This contest would not be possible without your time and support.

Holly Dougall, AU Tutor, Communications
David Brundage, Assistant Professor, English
Richard S. Huntrods, AU Tutor & Coordinator, Computer Science

Look for the winning entries in next week’s Voice.

* all entries were stripped of information identifying the writer and were sent to the judges with a code number by the Voice editor. The Voice editor was not a judge in this contest, but facilitated the judging process. The decision of the judges is final.