AUSU This Month

Special General Meeting of AUSU

All AUSU members are invited to attend a Special General Meeting of AUSU on February 28, 2005 at 7:00 PM MST. AUSU members include all currently registered AU undergrads, plus undergrads who have been registered in a course ending in the last six months (extended end dates count). The purpose of the SGM is to vote on a single issue — the appointment of a new auditor for the AUSU financial records. All members may vote on this issue, and may ask questions of council in a brief question period, covering any topic of interest to members, at the close of the meeting. The motion to be voted on for the meeting is as follows:
Be it resolved that AUSU hire the firm of Cass & Fraser as the accountants to perform annual audits and provide advice on proper accounting procedures for the organization. For information on attending the meeting via free teleconference, contact

AUSU’s Website Has a New Look

The AUSU website has a new look and navigation. Please stop by to take a look and let us know what you think. It’s possible that a few links may not be working as we go through and ensure the new menu system is updated, so please write if you notice any problems or have a comment.

New Social Groups Section Created in AUSU’s Discussion Forum

There is a new section in the AUSU Discussion Forum called Social Group Forums. Stemming from the coffee groups idea, these forums will provide easier communication and access to coffee group members, as well as anyone who might wish to talk with others in their area, but who may not want to, or be able to, meet up in person. Don’t forget to visit the Coffee Groups page on the AUSU website. New coffee groups are being started all the time. For more information about this new forum and/or coffee groups please visit the forum at where you will find the new forums listed at the bottom of the page. You can also send an e-mail to the Chair of AUSU’s Groups and Clubs Committee, Lonita Fraser, at

Nominate Student Leaders for Alberta Award

The Laurence Decore award for Student Leadership is given annually to a full-time Alberta student who has provided outstanding and dedicated student service or leadership to fellow students at AU or in their community. The nominee must display commitment to one or more of the following areas: student government, student societies, clubs or organizations, or non-profit community service. AU students are encouraged to submit nominations for this award and can do so by sending an email to stating that they are nominating an AU student for this year’s Laurence Decore award and providing a few details as to why that person should be recognized for their service. The nominee information will be forwarded to the AU awards department for a final decision, and the award will be distributed by the Alberta Government. March 1, 2005, is the deadline for nominations.

Dear Prime Minister…

In the December 2004 AUSU News (, AUSU asked students to write to the Prime Minister in support of improved funding for education. The need for such letters is still high. The voice of Canadian students, in support of the provinces’ requests for more education dollars, could be a factor in deciding how the Feds fulfill these requests. If you would like to write to the government in support of educational funding, you could use our model letter ( in AUSU News as a starting point. You may also review some written by AUSU members in response to our call. You can find them in our Advocacy section, here: ( .

AUSU Helps Sponsor the Alberta Services for Students Conference

The Alberta Services for Students Conference will be held this May at Mount Royal College and AUSU councillor Lisa Priebe will be in attendance to meet with students and answer questions. AUSU has donated $500 to provide students with snacks and coffee during the conference. Students can attend the conference for $110. For more details on this conference and how to attend please contact the AUSU Office at or toll free at 1-800-788-9041 ext 3413.

AUSU Needs Volunteer Mentors

AUSU is in need of more volunteer mentors to help our new students adjust to AU and distance education. If you’re an experienced AU student and interested in being matched to a new student, please email for an application form. The mentor program is designed to aid new students in their adjustment to distance learning. If you’re a new student and would like to be matched to one of our mentors please fill out the application form at this address:

AUSU Attended the 4th National Peer Support Conference

On 14-16 January 2005 AUSU councillors Lisa Priebe and Joy Krys attended the 4th National Peer Support Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The information gained from this conference, which AUSU councillors also attended last year, helps AUSU to perfect its own peer support programs such as the Mentor Program.

The AUSU Office is Moving this May

This May the AUSU Office and the AU Edmonton Learning Centre will be moving to the 12th floor of the Peace Hills Trust building located on 10011-109 Street in downtown Edmonton. The new location is only two blocks away from our current location. Our office will be closed for a few days while we carry out this move. Keep watching this column and the AUSU website for more details.

Next AUSU Council Meeting

The next AUSU council teleconference meeting is scheduled for February 28 at 5:30 PM MST. Any AUSU member may attend this meeting. Please contact the AUSU office at or call toll free at 1-800-788-9041 ext 3413 to obtain the meeting package and the instructions for how to attend.