Taking Notes: Eye on Education – AU Student Invited to Harvard

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – AU Student Invited to Harvard

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An Athabasca university student has been invited to Harvard to address the Faculty of Canadian Studies. Not just an ordinary AU student, of course, but none other than Alberta Premier, Ralph Klein. Reports call this a “considerable honour” and a “chance to deliver an important speech on the state of Canada-U.S. Relations” (Edmonton Journal, March 6).

The speech will take place at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs as part of the Canada Seminar, which invites presentations from “public figures, scholars, artists, and experts in various fields” to examine “Canadian economic, social, cultural and political issues in their domestic and international dimensions” (Canada Seminar website). Harvard currently has a University of Alberta connection – U of A School of Business Professor of Economics, Randall Morck, is on sabbatical at Harvard and is seminar chair for 2005.

Other noteworthy Canadians who have been on the speaker’s list for the Canadian Seminar include former reform leader Preston Manning, ballerina Karen Kain, and Lt.-General Romeo Dallaire. Klein’s speech is scheduled for March 24, and will focus on the “development of a continental energy plan and issues of security,” although a source says the working title is “No cows? No Crude” (Edmonton Journal, March 6).

Edmonton Journal, March 6, 2005. Klein invited to speak at Harvard: Canadian studies faculty anxious to hear his take on Canada-U.S. relations.

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