Click On This – A little bit of web weirdness and wonder

Click On This – A little bit of web weirdness and wonder

Radio Bastet
Where, amongst other things, you can download a new how-to album on bellydancing on the 15th of every month. It’s a good way to get in the groove without the attendant embarrassment I know I’d feel!

Top 100 Gadgets of All Time
Huzzah for the Pez dispenser! Did you have a favourite one as a child?

Big Things
Exactly how does one play a violin that’s, well, as big as the side of a barn?

Gallery of Dangerous Insect Sculptures
Absolutely gorgeous metal and wire work, and no ickies!

Weird Foods From Around the World
Beets on a burger?! Two things I like, but together?!

Tiny Mix Tapes
“You send us a style, genre, word, phrase, emotion, or whatever else, and if one of our mix tape robots fancies your suggestion, that crazy set of circuits might just make a mix tape out of it – well, at least a tracklisting for a mix tape out of it.” I wonder if they’d make up a list for “Songs to listen to while reading The Voice and surfing very crazy websites”?

“SensiTile is based on a patent pending set of new technologies that allows the material to become sensitive to changes in light intensity and color. Due to this ability a SensiTile system will respond to the movement around it by creating a dazzling set of ripples on its surface. The technology is completely passive in that it does not need to be powered but instead uses daylight and ambient light as its source of power.”

Alex MacLean: Aerial Photography
What the world looks like from above. Lovely work.