Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Quebec Students Protest

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – Quebec Students Protest

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Quebec university students have been actively engaged in dramatic protests over the past few weeks, and many have been boycotting classes. On March 25, theology students staged a mock crucifixion. Claiming that Jesus was a political activist, a student draped in white carried a cardboard cross through the street, while being whipped by fellow students who represented the Charest Liberal government.

Several days previous, thousands of students protested in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City, blocking traffic and resulting in the arrest of several students who were occupying the Education Ministry offices. Students also took over the offices of the Conseil du Patronat du Quebec, where another 24 students were arrested. Students also blocked highways during rush hour, and staged a series of sit-ins in various locations. In some cases the protests became quite violent.

Students are protesting government plans to convert some $103 million worth of bursaries into student loans. The education minister and Charest’s Liberals are standing firm on their decision, in spite of the protests. Quebec students currently enjoy the lowest tuition in all of Canada, at approximately $1600 a year.

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