Women You Should Know – Patricia Blondal

Patricia Blondal (1926-1959)

Patricia Blondal was born in Souris, Manitoba. After graduating from the University of Manitoba, she became a broadcaster in Winnipeg. As an aspiring writer, Patricia had the good fortune of being a classmate of another famous Canadian writer – Margaret Laurence. After traveling throughout Canada and England, Patricia met and married Harold Blondal. She settled in Montreal with her husband and children. Blondal spent years writing before finally having a novel accepted for publication. “From Heaven With a Shout” was initially serialized by Chatelaine magazine and later published in book form. Her most highly acclaimed book “A Candle to Light the Sun” was published shortly after her death. Patricia Blondal has been described as one of the most gifted Canadian writers of her time.

Source for additional information:
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