Click On This – Oddjects

The human capacity to create, and collect, the bizarre, never ceases to amaze me.

Tenna Balls –
One person’s private collection of car antenna toppers. The Betty Boop head is kind of creepy.

Zippo Lighters –
As if collecting antenna toppers weren’t enough, this collection features a wide, wide variety of Zippo lighters.

Ukulele Books –
Using old ukuleles, Peter Thomas makes them into books, yet those uke books can still play. “The first time I carried this “ukulele book” on a trip, I found the flaw in my plan; it sounded and played terrible. I determined that every ukulele book after that would have to be able to play. I then got this idea to try to make a series of artists books out of ukuleles. They would incorporate every book structure, every format or concept I could think of, into a uke.”

Designer Creation –
Although they can’t play, these custom-built tables still do a good job of looking like electric guitars. They also make custom-designed barstools and tables. The work is very nice indeed.

NAMM Oddities –
A site that certainly lives up to its name, and in-keeping with the musical theme, here’s one man’s photo gallery of some very bizarre looking guitars and other musical instruments.

The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time –
From oddjects to gadgets, this list features a vast array of human creativity, from the Rubik’s Cube, to the Walkman, to the wristwatch, and beyond.

Be A Bag –
The ultimate in personalisation, this company will custom-print bags for you, featuring any photo or graphic you choose.

Bag Ladies –
Speaking of bags, here’s a photo gallery of what you can find inside women’s purses; sometimes an odd enough collection all on its own.

Claire Hand’s Rubber Duckies –
They say every picture tells a story… Well, apparently, every duckie’s also got a story, and a photo to boot.

Big Things –
If bigger is better, this is the place to be, with its huge collection of pointers to very, very large objects. I wonder if I could spend that five-and-a-half metre wide twonie…