Taking Notes: Eye on Education – University Going to the Wild Dogs?

Taking Notes: Eye on Education – University Going to the Wild Dogs?

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Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton recently had a surprise visit from a very unusual potential student – a coyote! The animal somehow found itself in downtown Edmonton, and eventually ended up inside an elevator at the college. He was finally cornered as he waited patiently outside the elevator doors. Wildlife officers trapped and released him outside the city.

Oddly enough, Edmonton institutions of higher learning have not been alone in coyote sightings. On the same day, the University of Calgary sent an email to all students warning them of several reports of coyotes in the university area, including an incident in which a 9-year old boy was purportedly bitten by a coyote in the south campus area near the volleydome. The U of C has taken the risk so seriously that they’ve posted an information link, “living with coyotes in Calgary,” on the university’s main page.


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