Women You Should Know – Gabrielle Roy (1909-1983)

Gabrielle Roy was a Canadian writer with many books and awards to her credit. Roy was born in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba on March 22, 1909. Her determination and strength of character would help her overcome many obstacles. Her impoverished upbringing caused Roy to work very hard at school where she received awards for both her French and English work. She was able to use her awards to help fund her first year at the Winnipeg Normal Institute. Upon graduation, she began teaching and was able to provide financial support to her family. A few years later, anxious to expand her horizons, she traveled throughout Europe and began her writing career. She wrote several articles and short stories before publishing her highly acclaimed first novel “The Tin Flute.” Roy’s first novel was translated into 15 languages and won awards in both Paris and New York. She was awarded the Governor-General’s Annual Literary Award Medal for Fiction for the “The Tin Flute.” She was also awarded the Governor-General’s Annual Literary Award Medal for Fiction in 1957 for “Street of Riches.” Her third award was the Governor-General’s Annual Literary Award for Fiction in 1978 for “Children of My Heart.” Prior to Roy’s death, she wrote her autobiography “Enchantment and Sorrow,” which was published after her death.

Source for additional information

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