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Recording Arts Canada [Toronto and Montreal Campuses]
111 Peter Street Suite 708, Toronto, ON M5V 2H1 ph: 416-977-5074 – fax: 416-977-8945

Dates: September and March
Internship types: Comm (Radio, TV, & Film), Music and Technology.
Qualifications / skills needed: A minimum 80% gpa and a 95% attendance record must be maintained to qualify for the optional co-op program.

Description: Recording Arts Canada is a unique school that offers students an opportunity to learn and work in a creative and progressive environment. By studying in one of the best equipped audio schools you will learn the skills and technologies audio, music and multimedia production professional use everyday. Our internationally renowned facilities feature classic Neve recording consoles as centre pieces. Neve consoles of this vintage are considered the most distinguished consoles ever built. As a result; our students work in studio facilities that have hosted many internationally acclaimed artists including Grammy and Juno award winners. At Recording Arts Canada we provide sophisticated technology, quality theoretical instruction, and extensive practical activity within a small group format so that our students graduate as skilled and employable professionals.

Highlights: The optional co-op program places students in professional situations during their enrolment or immediately upon successful completion of our diploma program. Our co-op partners include recording studios, jingle production houses, radio and television broadcasters, theatre and staging companies, industrial video production companies, live sound reinforcement companies and post production facilities. Our co-op program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in real production situations, demonstrate their ability to a potential employer, and establish a professional relationship with industry contacts.

Languages required: English and French
Application process involves: In-Person Interview when feasible, letters of reference, phone interview, resume, transcript, written application.

Typically the application process time is 8 – 10 weeks
Post services include: Alumni Network; Job and Internship Network

Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology
55 Town Centre Court, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M1P 4X4 ph: 416-296-1478 – fax: 416-296-7077

Dates: Inquire for specific dates
Internship types: Pharmaceuticals, Technology and Development

Qualifications / skills needed: Completion of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Diploma. Prerequisite for admission into Pharmaceutical R&D program: Minimum Canadian B.Sc. (or equivalent)

Program duration: Approx. 52 Weeks

The Pharmaceutical Research & Development Technology Diploma is an intensive post-graduate program for individuals with a science degree. The program is the foundation of all innovative pharmaceutical drug development. The current trends in the drug industry are towards re-formulation of existing drugs to improve their performance as well as designing and developing new drug products. The curriculum is structured to provide the skills required to undertake formulation development in the pharmaceutical industry. It also provides an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical drug design, bio pharmaceutics and manufacturing techniques. The program imparts advanced skills in:
“¢ Pharmaceutical formulation
“¢ Drug analysis
“¢ Experimental design
“¢ Process development
“¢ Manufacturing technology

This program consists of three modules: Foundation Module. The foundation module is designed to provide students an in-depth knowledge of applied pharmaceutical sciences, bio pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and regulatory affairs. Novel concepts in leading edge industrial pharmaceutical research, applied statistics and experimental design are a major component of the module.
Core Module. The core module focuses on practical training in pharmaceutical experimental design, formulation technology and manufacturing techniques. Hands-on experience is acquired through team-based projects, in compliance with GMP and GLP, in our state-of-the-art research laboratories and manufacturing plant. Analytical techniques, problem solving, protocol and technical writing skills are acquired throughout the module.
Advanced Module. The advanced module provides an opportunity to engage in independent drug development and research projects. The focus is on drug delivery, dosage form design, process development and scale-up technology.
Examination. Written, oral and practical examinations are mandatory at the end of the foundation and core modules. In the advanced module, assessment is based on dissertation and viva-voce. In addition, the overall grade is also based on continuous assessments encompassing GMP and GLP compliance, pharmaceutical documentation skills and interim quizzes.

The Pharmaceutical Research & Development Technology Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of all three modules. Work of exceptional quality may be considered for publication in pharmaceutical-oriented journals.

Description: Students who are at the final stages of their program and have excelled in all aspects of their training may apply for an internship. These opportunities allow selected students to gain additional experience through working with staff and faculty on one of the many unique projects undertaken at the Institute.

1. To gain Canadian working experience within a pharmaceutical industry setting.
2. Graduates of this program are qualified for a career as a:
“¢ Formulation Technologist
“¢ Drug Research Scientist
“¢ Process Development Technician
“¢ Analytical Research & Development Technician
“¢ Technical Writer

Language required: English; This internship is a paid position; Application process involves: In-person interview when feasible, transcript, written application.

Typically the application process time is 1 month
Post services include: Alumni Network; Job and Internship Network