Cool Tools – Bitty Browser

Bitty Browser

If you’re a website creator, you know the trauma that can sometimes arise from arranging content, especially when there’s a lot of it. There are tables, and frames, and other tricks you can use to arrange things, but sometimes you want something a little different; perhaps you want to use an iframe, but you know they don’t always work the same way for everyone. Cross-browser compatibility is still a big issue for even the most web savvy slinger of HTML.

If you want a little space to display some content, perhaps links to other sites, or website information, Bitty Browser may be the tool for you.

Bitty allows you to place a little web browser right into any website. This browser can contain anything you wish to put into it – pointers to other sites, RSS, links page, Flickr, podcasts, or a account, whatever your heart desires, and it works in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can use Bitty like you’d use any browser, links opening inside Bitty or in another window, and it even includes a Google search box. You can even have others display content from your site by using a Network Links style, to which others can sign up.

Bitty is customizable and simple to use, and involves very little knowledge of coding beyond knowing how to cut and paste. The Bitty website allows you to input the information you want the Bitty Browser to display, and generates the code for you. Simple!

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