Convocation worth the trip

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My daughter-in-law, Sheryl Britton, got her M.B.A. from Athabasca University on June 11th. I just want to say how much we enjoyed the weekend that was planned for us. All of the effort and programmes were so well done that, we did not have to worry about a thing.

We came from Ontario for the convocation and are we ever glad we did.

Thank you very much for a wonderful time.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Ellen Britton

Congratulations to Sheryl and all new AU grads. It’s great to know that the ceremonies are worth crossing the country for! Thank you also to all of the graduates who took the time to provide interviews to The Voice. The last of these interviews appear in this week’s issue. We have had tremendous positive feedback on this feature, and hope to continue printing graduate interviews in coming years.

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