Women You Should Know – Maud “Tugboat Annie” Griffin

Maud “Tugboat Annie” Griffin (1880-1971) was born Maud Canniff in Minnesota, USA. At 50 years old she passed the ship captain’s exam and became the first licensed female boat pilot in the state of Texas. Before gaining employment as captain of the “New Brunswick,” Maud was the cook on her husband”‘s boat, which operated on the waterways of Houston, Texas. She was such an effective captain that she became a local celebrity. Her status as celebrity extended beyond Texas following the release of a movie based on her life entitled “Tugboat Annie.” She ultimately gained the admiration and respect for being the first female ship captain of the early 1900s. Maud Griffin retired in 1932 and died in 1971 at the age of 91.

Source for additional information
Raine, N. R. (1977). Tugboat Annie. Amereon Limited.

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