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Professional Internships in Vancouver and Toronto Canada

Term: Throughout the year
Length of Position: 12-24 weeks
Experience Required: no
Participants Travel to Canada Independently
Typically Participants Work Independently
Typically The Application Process Time Is 6 weeks

The InterNeX internship exchange is a program managed by WAYNE communications that arranges tailored internship placements for international candidates in accordance with the requirements of partner educational institutions in Canada and abroad. WAYNE communications combines 25 years of Human Resources and educational consulting and has placed over 200 candidates into over 100 positions in Canada over the last 6 years.

Who is this program for
“¢ University students requiring a practicum for graduation
“¢ Professionals seeking to upgrade their marketable skills
“¢ Executives looking for a North American experience
“¢ High School graduates looking for practical experience

“¢ Highly specialized placements dependent upon language ability, industry sector, candidate expectations, educational and professional background.
“¢ Placements in all sectors and for all majors
“¢ Most placemnts accredited with univeristies and professional associations
“¢ Guaranteed placement in industry sector
“¢ Program includes perparatory orientation program in city of placement of a minimum of 4 weeks
“¢ Package includes accommodation, full-board, tuition, full support and placement guarantee

Qualifications / Requirements
See internship website, listed below

Application Process Involves
“¢ Letters of Reference
“¢ Other
“¢ Phone Interview
“¢ Resume
“¢ Transcript
“¢ Written Application

Go to the following URL to contact the appropriate party about this internship
This information was gathered from Intern Abroad