Women You Should Know – Francis Marion Beynon

Francis Marion Beynon (1884-1951) was a journalist and a feminist. She was born on May 21, 1884 in Streetsville, Ontario. The Beynon family moved to Winnipeg after the death of Mr. Beynon in 1896. Francis became a teacher, but worked as a writer. Eventually, she became the editor of the women’s page of the Grain Growers Guide, becoming a voice for the rights of rural women. As well, she worked to improve women’s rights in respect to divorce, child custody and property rights. Throughout her life Francis spoke out on a number of issues including poverty and the exploitation of industrial workers and immigrants.

I consider it downright impertinence for a man on a farm to talk about supporting his wife. When she cooks his meals and sews and mends for him and his children from dawn until dusk, what is she doing if she is not supporting herself? — Francis Marion Beynon (1917)

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