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The human body is an endlessly fascinating place, doing things that seem magical, inexplicable. Equally as fascinating, perhaps moreso in some ways, as what the body can do, is what we can do to the body. Piercings, tattoos, adornments of all kinds, we use our bodies like a painter uses canvas.

Nail Art

One of the most obvious body canvases, but one of the more overlooked, is our fingernails, and this site offers up a wealth of prettification for our fingertips.

Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself

Well, I don’t make a habit of trying. Now if I could only say the same for others…

Why Sleep Is Important

It’s not just for the dreaming, it’s essential for a healthy life.

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collection

Want to know what the human brain really looks like? An ape’s? A cat’s? This site will attempt to show you the brains of many a mammalian creature.

Polydactyl People

We’re used to the human body having a certain amount of eyes, ears, hands, feet, but sometimes it tricks us and gives some of us a little something extra.

Sex Dictionary

Now you can look up all those terms you’ve heard but were afraid to ask anyone about.