Women You Should Know – Agnes Baden-Powell

Agnes Baden-Powell, (1858-1945) became the first president of the Girl Guides in 1910. She was the sister of Robert Baden-Powell who was the founder of the world scouting movement and was in her early fifties when she agreed to take over the Guides. She was a person of many gifts. Her talent for music included playing the organ, piano and violin. Similarly her artistic abilities included handcrafts in metalwork, lace making and needlework. Agnes demonstrated expertise in nursing, cooking, swimming, driving and skating. When she became president of the Guides there were 6000 girls registered. Agnes promoted guiding throughout the world and established the 1st Lone Company in 1912. She also wrote articles for publication in the Girl Guide Gazette. Agnes resigned as president in 1917, but remained the Vice-President until her death June 2, 1945 at the age of 86.

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