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More Professional Internships in Vancouver and Toronto Canada

Term: Throughout the year
Length of Position: 12-24 weeks
Experience Required: no
Participants Travel to Canada Independently
Typically Participants Work Independently
Typically The Application Process Time Is 6 weeks

Application Process Involves: Letters of Reference, Other, Phone Interview, Resume, Transcript, Written Application. Typically The Application Process Time Is 6 weeks

Post Services Include: Job and Internship Network

Who is this program for:
“¢ University students requiring a practicum for graduation
“¢ Professionals seeking to upgrade their marketable skills
“¢ Executives looking for a North American experience
“¢ High School graduates looking for practical experience

“¢ Placements in all sectors and for all majors
“¢ Most placements accredited with universities and professional associations
“¢ Guaranteed placement in industry sector
“¢ Program includes preparatory orientation program in city of placement of a minimum of 4 weeks
“¢ Package includes accommodation, full-board, tuition, full support and placement guarantee

Qualifications: Requirements:
“¢ Realistic Expectations: Be very clear that placements will depend on your relevant experience and education, level of language, and industry sector as well as time of the year and other situational factors. Positions are for language acquisition AND experience.
“¢ Professionalism and Maturity: All candidates are required to exhibit an appropriate level of commitment to the internship process, InterNeX, their college and Host Company.
“¢ Good Communication: Clear and appropriate communication skills, and an ability to assist INTERNeX in understanding your goals for an internship and your relevant experience.
“¢ Flexibility: Positions can involve a great variety of tasks, and can be in a variety of related industry sectors. Candidates may intern in any area related to their primary choice of industry and position.
“¢ Ability to take Initiative: Host companies do not want to handhold so be prepared to be extremely proactive and to assist the company in finding appropriate tasks for you to undertake.

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