We Love to Hear From You – Feedback on From Where I Sit

We Love to Hear From You – Feedback on From Where I Sit

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RE: From Where I Sit – Utter Bloody Rudeness, December 2, v13 i 46

Hi, this is just a quick appreciative comment re: Hazel Anaka’s article. I always feel optimistic when I hear that others feel the same way I do about the seemingly epidemic lapse in social graces out there today. I think it’s good to remember, though, that each of us has probably been guilty of rudeness from time to time without being aware of it – we can all get distracted and inwardly-focussed from time to time. I agree that it doesn’t help to confront people directly over their rudeness, for a number of reasons: it doesn’t help, it may get you a punch in the nose, and you may even have committed the same breach of etiquette earlier that day. Also, it’s good to remember that the man who cut you off in traffic or didn’t acknowledge the fact that you held the door open for him may have just found out he has a week to live. All in all, probably best to follow the dictum of being the change that you want to see in the world, and let karma do the rest. Cheers.

Bill Pollett

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