Searching for Internships

The Walrus Magazine
Toronto, Ontario

The Art Internship is six months long. Sessions begin in July and January.

Application deadline: April 15 for July 2

There are two six-month Editorial Internship sessions per year.

Four interns are chosen for each session, and begin in pairs on consecutive months.

“¢ must be graduates of a post-secondary academic institution or design school
“¢ no more than thirty years old
“¢ those who do not meet the criteria may make a case for consideration on the basis of exceptional circumstances

The Walrus editorial internship aims to introduce aspiring writers and editors to the magazine industry and to train them for future work in their fields.

Responsibilities include:
“¢ fact checking, research, and reading unsolicited pitches
“¢ take part in production and story meetings
“¢ may shadow edit articles alongside staff editors
“¢ assist with proof reading final copy
“¢ are encouraged to pitch stories to the magazine
“¢ administrative tasks are part of the interns’ responsibilities, but will never occupy more than ten percent of their time

“¢ a statement of purpose
“¢ a resume
“¢ two letters of reference
“¢ editorial internship applicants who have a strong preference for starting time should indicate their preference.

Qualified editorial applicants will be given a set of tasks to complete in a time limited period, and a selected group will be interviewed.

All interns receive $900 bi-weekly, plus benefits.

Please mail application materials to:
Internship, The Walrus, 19 Duncan Street #101, Toronto ON M5H 3H1
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