AU launched the e-letters project on December 15 to enable undergrads to view registration, withdrawal, extension, exam and final grade letters online. The response to the program has been monitored by AU staff in these initial weeks.

The response rate so far has been high. Business Analyst Patricia Soluk reports that so far 6120 students have opted to receive e-letters, while 3080 have chosen to continue receiving their letters by postal mail. AU staff are also impressed with the new program as they note that this allows them to send out letters much more quickly and alert students to important changes immediately. However, AUSU notes that students must make certain they log in to MyAU regularly to check for letters if they wish to receive new information as soon as it is released. A primary benefit of this new program is that e-letters will be retained online so you can retrieve the information any time you need it without waiting to call the university during business hours.

AU hopes to convert more letters to e-letter format and to bring the graduate centers on board as well.

Log on to MyAU through the AU front page to make your selection.