The Voice Fiction Feature – Poetry by … Jennifer McNeil


you and you and you
a tragedy
of soaking locks and floating
layers of dark linen
becoming the river
and staring with empty eyes
at spinning wild flowers and weeds
white limbs swallowed
by murky water

Ophelia they said was mad
and I with her
in love with love and
every flower but

one for
you and you and you
a tragedy
of crownflowers and daisies
and swirls of rosemary
tangled with the willow
while ivory hands still cling
to sharp nettles and long purples
blackened with mire
and lingering madness


why was she your enemy
that reptilian demoness

with mother lost
she could have been
your comfort

or better yet a goddess
filling you with power
instead of draining it

why on a dark night
when you are mourning
the distance of a violent man
must she be the snake
the temptress

why not just a woman
like you

like me

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