Lost & Found – Resolutions

1. To pan fry more trout on that secret beach.

2. To sit on a gravestone and eat honey right from the hive.

3. To take up the accordion.

4. To swallow a diamond and let it pass right through me.

5. To spend one whole day looking at the world through yellow cellophane.

6. To go on that Stilton cheese diet I’ve been meaning to try.

7. To continue not to read self help books.

8. To build my own homunculus.

9. To use the words dirigible and palanquin each and every day.

10. To trespass in an abandoned dance hall.

11. To run outside whenever wild geese pass overhead.

12. To continue the boycott of cell phones and underwear.

13. To once again see heat lightning brighten the air over Lake Erie.

14. To watch more black and white films.

15. To eat more Thai take-out.

16. To polish my silver-plated candlesticks.

17. To spend one night in a haunted house.

18. To make a better Hallowe’en mask.

19. To eat more pork sausages and maple syrup.

20. To perfect the Vulcan mind-meld.

21. To blow any surprise cash on oysters and champagne.

22. To be even more trivial and flippant.

23. To read more books for no other reason than to enjoy them.

24. To eat more peaches in the bathtub.

25. To dip olive bread in glasses of merlot.

26. To laugh and cry a bit more often.

27. To do two or three serious and important things every now and then.

28. To take on a few specific projects and several others of a more general type.

29. To plant more garlic and green onions.

30. To spend more time dangling my daughter upside down by her heels.

31. To spend less time fighting the system.

32. To pick my battles more wisely.

33. To feel the need to make a point less often.

34. To be less of a grumpy bugger (at least sometimes).

35. To swear a bit less often.

36. To sew that button back on my black wool coat.

37. To eat more chocolate covered ants.

38. To write a poem every time there’s a full moon.

39. To take up fencing.

40. To write a country song about ghost ships on the prairie.

41. To tell spookier stories around the campfire.

42. To spend more time watching fireworks.

43. To listen more, talk less.

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