Course Exam – FNCE 408: E-Commerce and Risk Management

Course Exam – FNCE 408: E-Commerce and Risk Management

One of the most predominant highlights of our era is the surge in technology development. New technological inventions affect our world, our culture, our lives, and, of course, our businesses. Yes, our businesses. With the Internet and e-commerce becoming so prominent in North American lives, those of us with businesses cannot afford to sit still. Instead, we need to be proactive in determining the risks and benefits of e-commerce. We need to determine how we can use online business technology to enhance our company’s success. Athabasca University’s new course, E-Commerce and Risk Management (FNCE 408), does just this in providing insights relating to online business transactions, as well as the positive and negative aspects associated with it.

The three-credit course in applied studies is authored by Dr. Eben Otuteye. E-Commerce and Risk Management (FNCE 408) has a prerequisite course of either FNCE 234 (Introduction To Finance) or FNCE 370 (Overview of Corporate Finance).

Over 12 interesting units, FNCE 408 will introduce you to the busy world of e-commerce. Unit one focuses on the main topic of the course, that being risk management scenarios in the online business world. You will be introduced to the concept of e-commerce risk, and gain a grasp on its benefits and downfalls. Through the next few units, you will delve more deeply into the network of factors related to e-commerce risk and how to successfully manage, or avoid, it. You will learn about security issues prevalent in online business transactions. You will also have the opportunity to explore basic e-commerce risks, both relative and absolute, as well as common pitfalls. A significant portion, consisting of several units, of E-Commerce and Risk Management (FNCE 408) will teach you valuable tools associated with being able to assess risk, which uses a relatively scientific approach with qualitative and quantitative parameters. In this section, you will also be taught how to correctly and efficiently interpret data related to e-commerce risks. Emphasis is also laid on how to manage risk in your business. Now, you will not only be able to recognize and interpret risks in your online business, but you will also be able to eliminate or reduce risks through correct management techniques. FNCE 408 concludes with a “big picture” approach enabling you to see everything in perspective.

Your evaluation in E-Commerce and Risk Management (FNCE 408) is determined in several ways. Ten percent of your final mark is allotted to the course’s new online component, which involves online discussions with your peers. Three assignments (worth 10%, 10%, and 20%, respectively) enable you to delve deeper into some of the issues discussed in the course and collectively total 40% of your final mark. Lastly, your comprehension of the course material is tested in the final exam, that is worth 50%.

Be proactive about your business and use e-commerce technology to your benefit! Enroll in E-Commerce and Risk Management (FNCE 408). For more course information, visit the FNCE 408 syllabus at: