VOTING IS UPON FROM NOW UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON MARCH 20TH. Follow the links from the AUSU front page, or go directly to our candidate sheet at for more info on all of the candidates. There you will find links to a variety of materials to help you get to know your candidates, as well as a 100 word bio for each candidate. Voting is important to ensure that the council that will provide student services through March 2008 reflects the unique nature of our AUSU membership. It only takes a few minutes to select up to nine candidates out of the list of 15.

This year’s candidates are (choose up to nine when you vote):

Real Beaulieu – Nepean, ON
Hello AU students! My name is Real Beaulieu and I have been working towards the B.Sc.CIS(PD) degree since 2002. I am a Certified Engineering Technologist and work for a seismological engineering firm in Ottawa. I was the recipient of the 2005 AU Academic Leadership Scholarship. Currently tutoring mathematics to elementary students, I am also involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. It is my goal to pursue a B.Ed., eventually teaching mathematics and computer sciences at a secondary school level. My reason for being on council is to serve our unique needs as distance education students. Regards, Real.

Jamie Czerwinski – Sherwood Park, AB
Hello Athabasca University Students Union Members! I believe universal access to education is the key to our future, and I’m excited to see so many of you embrace the flexibility of distance learning through Athabasca University. Teaming up with other student organizations, I will represent you, the students, at every level of government. The internet is vital to our communication, and I utilize it to its utmost extent, and as an AUSU councillor, guarantee AUSU will do the same. I am excited to represent the Athabasca University Student’s Union, and look forward to doing so with honesty, integrity, and respect.

Tania Davies – Carlsbad, CA
Hi, I am Tania Davies, and I am running for an AUSU Councillor position in the upcoming elections. I hail from Calgary originally but presently live in San Diego where I am working towards a Bachelors of Commerce degree at AU. It is my third year, and I plan on studying law after graduation. As an AUSU Councillor, I would appreciate the opportunity to help build an even stronger sense of community among distance learners. In addition, I would welcome the chance to become an active voice for fellow students. Thank you for your support!

Lonita Fraser – Hamilton ON
I have worked with Council in various capacities, from serving on committees to serving as VP External & Student Affairs, for over two years now, and would like to continue doing so. I have seen the inception of many new projects and policies during this time, and would like to remain working with AUSU to see those projects come to fruition. My time as an official member of Council has increased my confidence in my self, as well as my feeling that AUSU has the power to exact great and necessary change where it’s needed and wanted by our members.

Angele Gaudette – Sudbury, ON
My name is Angele Gaudette and I am 34 years of age. I currently live on Ontario and have been a part-time student at AU since 1998. I am registered in the Labour Studies Major program at AU. In my local union, I occupied positions such as Vice-President, Chief-negotiator, secretary-treasurer, communications and workplace representative over the last 8 years. I am employed full-time as an educational assistant and have owned and operated small business’. I believe that my knowledge, abilities and expertise would be beneficial to all students at AU and an asset to the Student Union.

Zil-E-Huma Lodhi – Waterloo, ON
Hi I am Zil-e-Huma Lodhi and I am running for the position of councillor in upcoming elections. I am taking B.Administration at AU and absolutely loving the experience. I have a monthly scholarship column in *The Voice magazine*. I do volunteer at my local community center for kids with special needs. My past experience with AUSU included a volunteer position with Academic Committee. I am also working as an acting President for AUBSA club (Athabasca University Business Student Association) and moderator for AUBSA discussion forums. I welcome the chance to work as a councillor.

Karl Low – Calgary, AB
I’m an AU student in Calgary and have nearly completed my 4yr BA (information system major). I have served on Council for the past one and a half terms, becoming VP of Finance and Administration shortly before the last election. Highlights of that service include overhauling our finance policies to make AUSU’s finances more transparent and accountable, and re-organizing our budget to make it understandable not just to me, but to anybody. I also write the Fed-Watch column for The Voice on education and politics. In any spare time left, I enjoy strategy games and writing for Role-playing games.

Joy Krys – Edmonton, AB
I have been serving AU students since January 2003 when I founded the AU Student Moms Club (AUSMC), which has grown to over 100 registered members and has become one of the most popular clubs in AUSU. I myself have grown from a new mother to the mother of three. In 2004 I was elected as an AUSU councilor. In all these endeavours ? student, AUSMC president, mother and councilor, I continue to learn and appreciate the importance of growth through communication. I am committed to communication among students to nurture the growth of the AU student community.

MacDonald McInnis – Calgary, AB
Hello Fellow Students, My name is Mac McInnis. I have been a student at Athabasca University for several years. I have a Business degree from AU and am currently enrolled in my 3rd -4th year in Bachelor of Professional Arts Governance, Law and Management Major at AU. I am a current member of AUSU and have been active on many AUSU committees as well as on several Athabasca University committees representing student interests. This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have enjoyed my time on AUSU and look forward to advocating for students in the near future.

Megan McIntyre – Niagara Falls, ON
My name is Megan McIntyre, and I am a 23 year old psychology student, finishing my degree through Athabasca. I am the youngest of three children and maintain a strong connection with my parents and siblings. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Scrapbooking is a hobby of mine that allows me to express myself. My level of intuition has grown with each psychology course I have taken. I enjoy the mind and figuring out how and why it works in the way it does. I am an open minded person who will listen.

Lisa Priebe – Calgary, AB
My name is Lisa Priebe and I have been a student with AU since 1996. I completed my BA in Psychology in 2003 and I am currently completing my BSc in Human Science. My academic interests lie in the areas of health and health psychology and I hope to work in my local health region upon completing my education. I had the pleasure of serving on AUSU council from 2004 to 2005 as a councillor without portfolio and from 2005 to 2006 as President. I currently live in Calgary with my husband Ken and our two Jack Russell Terriers.

Barbara Reilly – Westport, ON
Since January 2004 I have been studying part-time at Athabasca University as I work towards my B Arts, Anthropology. I am working hard to pursue my own goals and to set an example for my teenage children. The AUSU forums and services have been a vital part of my AU experience; serving in student government would permit me to contribute concretely to the AUSU community that has put a “?face’ on long distance education. I have served my community in various capacities; volunteering as an adult, and the student arm of a federal party (Secretary, 1981-82.).

Alicia Robichaud – Saint John, NB
Alicia Robichaud is a part-time student from Saint John, New Brunswick who works full time as an Administrative and Communications Assistant for Aliant, the primary telecommunications company in Atlantic Canada. Alicia has been a student of the Bachelor of Arts program here at AU for 1 year and being bilingual, is also an active member of La Societe Francaise d’AU. In addition to her work and school Alicia spends time with her husband, is a member of Toastmasters International and an avid photographer. Alicia will bring a unique, creative perspective to AUSU and looks forward to serving on council.

Peter Tretter – Greely, ON
I am from Ottawa, and I came to Athabasca University in September 2004 to work on a Bachelor of General Studies degree. I am currently a member of the AUSU’s legislative committee, along with the Volunteer Coordinator and Membership Coordinator for the Nepean-Carleton Green Party of Canada Electoral District Association. Previously I was a member of the Ryerson Students’ Administrative Council Board of Directors. In addition to my AU studies, I am enrolled in level 7 of American Sign Language at Algonquin College. My hobbies include movies, motorcycles, languages, camping and politics.

Sarah Whaley – Surrey, BC
I am relatively new to Athabasca University. I enrolled in June of 2004 in the Certificate in Administration program, once finished I will be starting my Degree in Marketing or Management. I was born and raised in North Vancouver, B. C., then moved to Canmore, Alberta three years ago, which is where I was introduced to AU. I recently bought my first house in Surrey, B. C., and now that’s where I call home. I am very involved in the community as well as participate in numerous sporting activities. I look forward to being involved with AUSU.

See the bios on the Candidates page for links to candidate posters (links are within each bio), chat transcripts and links to a forum post where the candidates have answered a series of questions.