DEATHRACE: AU Students Run to Help Abused Women – Training Update from Kim

DEATHRACE: AU Students Run to Help Abused Women – Training Update from Kim

S.L.A.P. Update

Here I am ready to write about training ? so I spoke with my husband who gets the deer-in-the-headlights expression on his face after about tens minutes. This is when I realize that one person’s obsession can be another person’s instrument of boredom. Since the intent is not to inflict boredom, I think I should mix it up with some other ?firsts? this group is dealing with.

When we began this venture the idea was to raise funds for our shelter and to challenge ourselves with an event that would bring a sense of unity to a group of completely diverse individuals. The physical training schedules are as different as the women involved and reflect the sections that each runner is committed to doing. I will write more on this in later weeks.

What is truly amazing is the organizational structure that has been put in place by a group of volunteers, from scratch. I believe that because of this we will be successful in our goals of bringing forward awareness of domestic violence and raising funds for the shelter. While all of us are committed, community spirited people this is the first time we have conceived/dreamed of an opportunity and implemented a plan to make it reality. That is the true gift that this event has given all of us; the ability to become the difference.

By the way, my training is going well. I did my first long run on Friday ? 16 km in 1 hr and 45 minutes not bad for a beginning time. I ran watching the sunrise reflecting on the mountains?
GO DEATH RACER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We are five normal, everyday ladies, all mums and two grandmothers, in training for this year’s Canadian Death Race, a gruelling endurance race of 125km spanning over 24 hours and covering three mountains in Grande Cache, Alberta.

Why would we put ourselves through this? To raise money for Eagle Women’s Emergency Shelter in the Foothills of Alberta, raise awareness, and help stamp out domestic violence. We have never tried anything like this but feel very strongly that domestic violence is out of control and needs to be addressed. Now.

It’s a frightening fact that almost everyone knows someone who has been a victim of either physical or mental domestic abuse. We believe that increased exposure can help make victims aware that there are numbers they can call for help, and there is no need to suffer any longer. We also feel that domestic abuse and violence is a taboo subject that no one likes to acknowledge and this needs to change. Victims feel humiliated and ashamed and we need to let them know it is ok to talk to someone and to get help.

We are now in full training for the race, and although before this all any of us had ever run was a bath and a temperature, we are determined to do as much as we can to help stop domestic violence. This is a very hard and gruelling race, but with the help and support from each other we hope to complete it and to raise as much money as possible for the shelter. If our hard work only helps one person get out of a frightening situation and gives them the strength to rebuild their life, then it will all have been worth it. Our team name is SLAP – Stop Letting Abuse Prevail. We have a team website with photos and information on each runner and about the shelter:

We hope you will support us in our quest to stop domestic violence. The race takes place on the August long weekend, beginning Saturday the 5th at 8am and ending Sunday the 6th at 8am. Only 19 weeks to go!!! AU student, mother and death-racer, Kim Anderson.