From Where I Sit – Colour Me Green (and Orange)

Okay, I admit it. I’m not much of a hugger. I can quite graciously accept your hug without stiffening up like a board, but only rarely am I the initiator. Or as my mother would say, “what does a person have to do to get a hug out of this girl?” Blame it on Green.

Have you ever known me to call just to talk? No. Can I tolerate pushy sales people, incompetence, and BS? No. Do I tell long-winded, convoluted, circuitous stories? No. Do I want to listen to you tell such stories? No. Blame it on Green.

Do I do a lot of reading, mainly non-fiction? Yes. Am I cool, calm and collected? Yes. Am I inquisitive, skeptical, creative, credible, honest, focused, visionary, independent, analytical and to the point? Yes. Credit Green.

Green is not a throwback to alien origins or a recycling eco-zealot. Green is just one of the four personality types latent in each of us. Not long ago, I had a life-transforming experience when I attended a workshop titled “Colors” and facilitated by George Boelcke. Through a simple eight-question self-assessment tool, participants arrive at a numerical score for each of the following four colours: green, orange, gold, and blue. The two highest scores indicate the two strongest colours of your personality. Inherent in each colour type are strengths and challenges. My four-numbers were quite similar. I thought that meant schizoid, but George assured me that it means balanced. I’ll go with his interpretation.

The beauty of this process is the insight it provides, and questions it answers both about my own quirks and foibles and those of the people around me. My second most dominant colour is orange. Orange denotes people who tend to be impulsive, spontaneous, and fun-loving people whose motto is “just do it.” Common orange challenges are actually finishing what they start, political correctness, and people who ask too many questions.

So as I was working up to opening my studio gallery and gift shop, my green side said, “You’re not ready. You need to do more preparation, research, learning, and groundwork. You’re not good enough.” Whereas the orange side said, “Just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll be great. This’ll work.” George likens it to trying to drive with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. Talk about insight. Knowledge is power. I began to act from a position of faith, believing that I had done as much preparation and research as I could. It was time to act.

George’s book Colorful Personalities: Discover Your Personality Type through the Power of Colors (2005) is a fun read and a great reference for anyone wanting to learn more about him or herself, others and how to better get along in this world. The book explains that “colors” is the result of refinement and simplification of personality research initiated by Dr. David Keirsey, and also builds on previous work completed by Jung and Meyers-Briggs. The Colorful Personalities Newsletter (available through the website) offers subscribers a monthly newsletter loaded with humour, insight and information about colour types.

Just imagine what this self-knowledge could do for your life, career, and relationships. Life as a green/orange/gold/blue is good, from where I sit.

Boelcke, G. J. (2005). Colorful personalities: Discover your personality type through the power of colors. Vantage Consultants.