Course Exam – Special Projects in Sociology III (SOCI 427)

Course Exam – Special Projects in Sociology III (SOCI 427)

Looking to expand your knowledge of sociology? Athabasca University’s new course, Special Projects in Sociology (SOCI 427), enables sociology students not only to seek out new research in certain areas of their discipline, but also become carefully trained in the art of writing excellent research reports.

A 3-credit course in the Social Sciences, Special Projects in Sociology (SOCI 427) focuses less on the actual research component and more on the logistics behind producing a research report or theoretical paper. According to course author and instructor Dr. Sosteric, SOCI 427 “leads students through the basic steps of the typical research and writing cycle.” This begins by engendering suitable research ideas, then visualizing and planning the research model. At this point, students submit a research proposal to their instructor, indicating their choice of research and methods of completing it for feedback and tips. Research can be conducted from either a theoretical or empirical standpoint. Students then complete the desired research, and proceed to compile this into a report, complete with references and a detailed bibliography.

SOCI 427 students are encouraged to focus their research on areas in sociology that coincide with Dr. Sosteric’s academic interests to provide an optimum learning experience. These topics involve inequality issues (both narrow and broad) and the potential reasons behind them or conflicts that might exacerbate them; issues related to the unequal distribution of worldwide goods; employment issues, including labour theories, and compliance and authority issues; the impact and use of computers and IT on social stratifications; the use of power in society; spirituality and sociology; and improvements to the current peer review system.

Student evaluation in SOCI 427 consists of 10% for the research proposal, then 30% for two practical paper reviews, and 60% for the research paper itself.

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