Here’s What They’ll Tell You

We value your business. We know who you are. Your call is very important to us. We can make you smell better. You can’t be too careful. The price of freedom is the eternal vigilance of closed circuit video cameras and private security forces. It’s dangerous to stand out in the crowd. Everything was better yesterday. Trust us, this won’t hurt. This is a limited time offer. We have your best interests at heart. We value your opinion. We can make you feel better. The choice is yours. We can make you taste better. They’ll hate you if you’re different. Relax and leave it to us. Don’t do what is not convenient. We can make you live better. We can make you die better. You’re all alone. This will change your life. Nothing really matters. We can make you harder. If it feels good, just pay for it. We can make your soul better. Don’t be poor and don’t be ugly. We can make you sleep longer. That tap water will kill you. Here, drink this. She’s having more fun than you are, and we can show you why. Sign up now. You deserve a break. Why not treat yourself? You’ve come a long way, and here’s how to prove it. Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. We can make you last longer. Everything is shit, so you may as well have some fun. We know what you really want. You can be a hero. Everybody else is doing it. What you need are more options. Everything will be better tomorrow. You’re in good hands now. We’ll make you laugh. It smells like real bacon. Don’t worry your pretty little head. Nobody likes the clever ones. Your secret is safe with us. These are real people, just like you. Don’t be a loser. Ask about our financing options. Nothing is faster and easier. Look out for number one. The ends justify the means. You shouldn’t have to wait. We can make him love you more. We’ll tell you how to get her undressed. What that model wants is you. There’s no life like it. Everything depends on the outcome of this game. We can make your kids better. Results may vary. We can make you better. We can make you so much better. We can make you. We really can.

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