International Newsdesk – ALF “rescues” deer from Sanctuary – death to animals imminent

International Newsdesk – ALF “rescues” deer from Sanctuary – death to animals imminent

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is at it again. And this time, they’ve really made a mess of things.

Michael and Natalie Petley, proud new owners of a deer sanctuary in Potterne, Wiltshire, discovered several weeks ago that the fencing surrounding their establishment had been cut and several deer had escaped. At first they believed that random vandals were involved, but later the Petleys realised that ALF was claiming responsibility.

“We were at a deer farm in Potterne, Wiltshire. We cut down the fencing of one field containing three breeding deer, and then opened up gates, allowing a larger herd of deer to escape from a second field. Unfortunately we had to leave a group of baby deer imprisoned at the farm because they were too young to fend for themselves. We will return, and these deer will be saved from certain death” (ALF as quoted by Crooks).

Possibly brave and moral words — if only they’d done their research. Instead, one of deer “freed” from the sanctuary has died. As the deer hunting season fast approaches, the other deer are also in danger.

I’m sure we can all agree that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having strong beliefs and trying to do the right thing, but activists really need to take responsibility for their actions. If you’re truly concerned about animal rights, then by all means, lead by example. Save some money and set up your own sanctuary or health centre for abused animals. Do something positive. Making rash, ill-advised decisions will not get the public on your side, nor will it save many animals’ lives.

An apology, at the very least, is in order, although since this sounds like the work of scared and hot-headed children, I’m not holding my breath.


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