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Shakespeare’s Lists
A collection of lists pertaining to items found in, or inspired by, the writings of The Bard – including words first found in his work – like “advertising.”

The Apostrophe Protection Society
Ah the poor apostrophe; so misused and abused. This site makes correct apostrophe usage easy. Very handy.

Fictional Expletives
From “arse-gike” to “zoggin” and all swearing points in-between. A list, likely not complete, of expletives created by writers of fiction.

Beeping Sleauty
You can’t beat a good dose of spooneristic fun like this: “In the dye-gone bays when flings were kourishing and foyal ramilies really amounted to something, there lived a quing and a keen* whose daughter was the pruvliest lincess you ever law in your sife.”

The International Dialects of English Archive
A “repository of primary source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts”, which contains “both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages.”

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