Click On This – Nifty Tricks You Can Learn Too

Draw one – get one back! An online drawing tool that lets you use a graphics tablet, or your mouse, to share cartoons and other artwork.

30 Boxes
Need a simpler online calendar tool? This might be the one for you.

Who says you can’t control the elements.

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body
When your throat tickles, scratch your ear? It sure can’t hurt to try that one!

Top 10 weirdest USB devices ever
I guess #1 shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

Goofy Auctions
Well, people will buy and sell just about anything.

Double-Tongued Word Wrestler
Double-Tongued Word Wrester records undocumented or under-documented words from the fringes of English. It focuses upon slang, jargon, and other niche categories which include new, foreign, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words.