Life from a baby’s perspective

Baby’s lives are very simple and we should learn from them, as much as babies learn from us every day. In these busy times, where people run from one place to the next, with minutes or even seconds to spare between appointments, meetings, jobs, classes, homework, exercise classes, meals, etc., they barely stop to “smell the roses.”

We had such a life before our baby was born. My husband and I were busy people, working full-time, with evening classes trying to complete one more degree, meetings with friends, involved in several boards of volunteer groups, attending receptions and events from work and other associations — all the time. Life was passing by at an amazingly fast speed and we didn’t even notice it. We seemed comfortable with this pace though, until we learned about the “other side of the coin.”

The minute our baby was born, life changed dramatically. Nobody tells you how dramatic the change is when you have a baby. The books might mention this in their pages, but actually living it is another story completely. Life took a dramatic turn as if telling us, “it is time to slow down and enjoy life’s small details.” We are now spending countless hours just staring at our beautiful baby, and thinking how amazing nature is for letting us have this great pleasure.

The baby enjoys life so much, and is entertained by the smallest things. We sometimes don’t even notice, because we’re running through life. She enjoys learning about the world she came to, one frame at a time. She stares at the light and is amazed by its brightness. She enjoys watching our garden, smelling the freshly cut grass and the blooming flowers. She enjoys the sun, when it’s sunny. She enjoys the rain, when it’s rainy. She doesn’t complain about the weather, she embraces it with awe.

We should learn from babies to enjoy the little things in life and not complain about everything that comes our way. We should enjoy nature; realize how beautiful blooming flowers are in spring, and how nice it is to have a sunny day, as well as a rainy one.

We should learn from babies about taking life a little less seriously. We should slow our pace to stop and admire the blue skies of summer and the green grass without snow. We take things for granted. Babies take so much pleasure learning to talk, to turn over, to sleep, and even to poop and pee! It is the smallest things in life that brings them pleasure. We should learn from babies to enjoy life!

Gonzalo, Marlene and Ana Carolina