AUSU This Month – AGM 2006


The 2006 AUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on September 28, 2006 at 6:00 pm, MST. All AUSU members are invited to attend in-person at our Edmonton office or via free teleconference from almost anywhere in the world. At regular council meetings, only council may vote, but at any general meeting you have a vote as well! Don’t miss this opportunity to express your views and ask council questions about the 2005 financials or this year’s operating budget. If time allows, there will be an informal question period after the meeting as well, to allow council and the membership to engage in some lively discussion about any topic of interest to you.

The annual report will be available though the AUSU web site by the beginning of September. You may download this file for review prior to the meeting, or, if you do not have internet access you can call our office and request one be mailed to you.

We hope to see you there. Your input helps shape the services we will provide you in the coming year. Remember, if you are currently enroled in an AU course that is in progress, or if you have been in a course in the last six months, you are an AUSU member!

To our members in Montreal

With the rest of Canada, AUSU staff and council watched with great concern as the events at Montreal’s Dawson College unfolded yesterday. We know that many AUSU members also take courses at other post-secondary institutions, but we do not yet know if any of our members attended Dawson. Our thoughts are with all of our members in Quebec, and especially the 135 in the greater Montreal area and members of their families. We hope you are all safe and well, and that you won’t hesitate to contact us if there is something we can do to assist you or to help you continue your studies. All the best,

AUSU Council and Staff

AUSU Tutor of the Year

AUSU has launched the first annual Tutor of the Year Award. AUSU members may select up to three of their favourite tutors and we’ll tally the votes and honour the top tutor with a certificate, gift, and recognition on this website over the coming year. Now is your chance to say thank you to the tutors who have helped you most. Visit our front page at to find a link to a form to cast your vote. Deadline for voting is November 30, 2006.

AUSU Planners are out of Stock

The 2005/2006 AUSU Handbook/Planner is now out of stock. We’re working on finalizing the design for the 2007 edition and welcome any feedback you wish to share. Please contact Tamra at if you have any suggestions for the new books. The design has already been modified and updated to incorporate suggestions from AUSU members who replied to our planner survey in the last edition.

Last year’s edition included a handbook section, designed in house by AUSU, and a planner section, which was licensed from the planner printing company. That company is, unfortunately, no longer in business so we’re taking over and creating our own design for the planner section of the book to produce a planner that’s developed 100% by AUSU for our members!

Updates we’ve already incorporated include a larger monthly calendar view, now on two pages instead of one, and larger weekly planning pages, which also now use two pages for a week, rather than one. The tutor information pages will be expanded to allow for tracking of assignments and course grades.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the 2007 planner should watch our website front page. We’ll be posting notices as soon as we’re taking orders.