Conference Connections

October 19 – 21, 2006 – Chicago, IL, USA

This conference is a comprehensive look at the subject of sex addiction and sexual health. Experts will be presenting the latest in the field of identifying and treating sex addiction among therapists’ client populations. Over the three day conference, there will be approximately 45 breakout sessions which will include paper presentations as well as current research in the field.

One night will be our keynote address by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk on the relationship between childhood trauma and sex addiction.

October 26 – 27, 2006
Arlington, Virginia, USA

REASONS to Attend

1. ACQUIRE best practice strategies for protecting your vital assets and mission
2. ALIGN your strategic plan with your risk management strategies
3. INCORPORATE lessons learned from other nonprofits to determine your choices
4. DISCOVER leading best practices in managing risk
5. MASTER the identification of risk measures that will allow your nonprofit to make informed decisions

October 28, 2006 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The purpose of the event will be to assist after-death souls that are stuck on the earth-plane and want to pass-over, but have been unable to do so for various reasons. Saturday at 1PM – Will be the ‘Culmination of the Event’.

In recognition of all Paranormal Research / Investigative Groups & All Spiritually Aware Websites World Wide Awards will be passed out to the involved groups who are nominated for excellence in their progressive work in the field of paranormal research and Spiritual Work. Some of the categories are:

Best Paranormal Image Captured
Best EVP Recording Captured
Most Informative Spiritual/Paranormal Website
Best TV show that covers the paranormal
Best Radio show that covers the paranormal
Best Magazine that covers the paranormal
Lectures every half hour by noted and respected experts in the paranormal/psychic and Spiritual field

Vendor stands will offer visitors a wide and varied selection of festival mission and related products and services. Readings by mediums and psychics.

Tickets $8 at the door – 10 am – 6 pm
1 pm culmination of the Universal Passing Over

November 6 – 9, 2006 – Arlington, VA, USA

To help you design, measure and market your workforce products and services to achieve the desired outcomes for your One-Stop and workforce development programs, please join us for the 2006 Workforce Development Week.

Day 1: One-Stop Performance
Collaborate with businesses, industry and educational institutions to effectively match employment services to your clients’ needs. Improve One-Stop service delivery by linking performance measures to assessment and training tools.

Day 2: Employer Outreach & Workforce Marketing
Develop outreach programs with a clearly defined strategy among all members to build value in One-Stops, support operational goals and drive business customers to try services. Create an internal outreach program that segments businesses, builds brand awareness and creates values among the business community.

Day 3: Demand-Driven Workforce Strategies
Effectively work with employers to establish partnerships and business relationships to match employees to jobs in high-growth industries. Develop key partnerships with the public workforce system, business and industry, education and training providers and economic development agencies.

Day 4: Performance Measures for Workforce Development
Devise and implement performance measures to evaluate and streamline workforce and placement services. Learn how to design, document and report WIA performance measures to enhance client tracking, data collection and outcome reporting. After attending this week, you will walk away with the tools and skills necessary to successfully transition your workforce system to one that is both demand-driven and strategic.

October 9 – 15, 2006 – Bloomington, IL, USA

Program Objectives Include: To provide participants with practical guidance in creating individualized programs of comprehensive and integrative care for all people with cancer. To teach the critical assessment of current research on complementary and alternative therapies and integrative approaches to care. To equip participants to deal successfully with the psychological turning points and crisis of cancer care. To provide participants with a basic repertoire of mind-body approaches that they can use in their practice.

Registration fee: $1950

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