Hockey Time at AU

The All-Star hockey team is the biggest thing going in hockey right not. No matter which NHL teams’ web site you are on, you will be bombarded with requests to vote for this year’s All-Star team. Support your favourite players and vote! Simply choose one player for each position and click the web site’s submit button. Maybe your picks will come true!

As it stands in the National Hockey League (NHL) right now, the teams are all picking up their games. Seeing as the majority of players have returned from their medical leave, the games are more exciting than usual. Of course, the All-Star break is coming up, and players want to earn their spots on this all-encompassing team.

Yet no matter the motivation, there is no denying that the games are edge of the seat, non-stop action. The point spreads are staggering, and the penalties astounding. The standings are interesting, with the rare happening of over 75% of the teams being within four points of the other teams in their division. This indicates that it could truly be anyone’s season (although teams such as Detroit, Buffalo and Minnesota still have a fairly decent lead).

Within these standings, of course, we see the usual patterns of high-scoring players and top goal-tenders. Yet even within these, the differential is still very low, and it is anyone’s game. The constant battle for the trophy has actually been usurped by the race to make the All-Star team. As a result, the standings are switching daily, as each player works to achieve yet another hockey goal.

Next week, I’ll begin my holiday coverage, including all the special events and games. To top it all off, the announcements regarding the All-Star team will be made soon. As soon as I know, you’ll know. That’s all for now.