Sun Signs – Capricorn

December 22 – January 19

Glyph (written symbol) for Capricorn is two straight lines that meet and are connected to a circle. This could be seen as the twisted horns of the goat, which is Capricorn’s symbol.

Capricorn, the tenth house of the zodiac is a negative, cardinal earth sign. Capricorns are influenced by the feminine night forces and ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns’ mission is to lead in a secretive and reflective manner. They have a strong desire to succeed at whatever they do.

The goat loves a challenge and is determined to overcome any obstacle encountered. Capricorns can be seen as nit-picky, as they often become consumed with minor details. Fear is not a familiar emotion to the Capricorn. They are courageous and often fight for the underdog. As well, Capricorns are extremely sensitive, but usually hide this under a cool, aloof exterior.

They are the planners and organizers of the zodiac. Their homes and offices are impeccably neat and tidy. Everything is put away in its assigned space. Patience is a natural part of the goat’s nature. They can wait an inordinate length of time for what they want.

Capricorns’ analytical mind is combined with their amazing ability to concentrate results in an intellectual icon. However, deeply imbedded in the Capricorns’ psyche is a feeling that they really are inferior and unworthy individuals. This causes them to be defensive. Goats have a unique sense of humour, a wonderful laugh and the ability to laugh at themselves. They possess the child-like quality that allows them to see most issues in black and white. There are no gray areas for the goat. Because of this quality, Capricorns have the ability to reach decisions quickly.

Capricorns do not have a jealous nature. Relationships are important to the goat. But, due to their loner nature, can be difficult to establish. Both male and female goats have high standards and look for a companion who will fit in with their plan to succeed. They rarely fall in love at first sight. Capricorns are extremely uncomfortable exposing their true selves, even after they have known someone for a long time. Therefore, don’t expect a Capricorn to pour out their feelings. Most likely, you will have to look for other clues to decipher the Capricorns’ innermost feelings.

The older the Capricorn gets, the younger he or she appears. They are romantic, but their strong disciplined nature forces them to keep this hidden. They make faithful partners. The rare Capricorn who does stray will be terribly remorseful.

Capricorns have a tendency to be athletic. When they move, it’s not uncommon to hear their joints crackle and grind, due to their tendency to develop arthritis. They have small hands and feet. As well, their heads are often small, although their facial features are well defined and prominent. Both sexes are slight of build with an obvious fragility about them.

Capricorns will never remain in a subordinate position. They make devoted employees who are usually the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave. Capricorns excel in many professions, including serving in the professional positions of bankers, teachers, engineers, ministers, funeral directors and dentists — just to name a few.


Positive qualities: ambitious, responsible, practical, and self-disciplined.

Negative qualities: unforgiving, stubborn, defensive, and condescending.

Lucky day: Saturday.

Birthstone: Garnet.

Most compatible marriage signs: Taurus and Virgo.

Famous Capricorns: Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis Presley, Ellen DeGeneres, Sissy Spacek, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, Diane Keaton, Janis Joplin, Joan of Arc, and Kate Moss.