Sun Signs – Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

January 21 – February 19

The glyph (written symbol) for Aquarius is two ridged wavy lines representing the spiritual water of heaven, electric energy and the wisdom of the future.

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is a masculine, fixed-air sign and is ruled by the planet Uranus. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, representing the giving of life, equally and freely to all of humanity.

Aquarians, like Capricorn, are organizers. They are positive individuals who are concerned with the good of the wider masses, as opposed to the single good. In their desire to dispense knowledge, Aquarians often follow the unbeaten path. They tend to live in the future. Aquarians are set in their ways. Once they make up their mind, there is no changing it. When others disagree with their opinions, their stubbornness may cause them to become rebellious or to consider it a personal attack. Because of this character trait, at times the Water Bearer can be their own worst enemy, as they insist on their way in spite of evidence to the contrary.

All air signs are intellectual, witty and progressive in their thinking and Aquarians are no exception. They are well liked and value their friendships, sometimes to the detriment of their intimate relationships. They are people oriented and readily attract many friends. A one-on-one relationship can be a challenge for Aquarians. They need their space and when in a relationship they will respect their partners right to freedom.

Aquarians are open-minded and tolerant by nature. They are quickly able to separate emotions from logic when making decisions. They are natural performers and fit into any social setting. They can be introverted at times and extroverted at other times. Often they are the life of the party, while still maintaining an aura of mystery.

Aquarians are strongly built with broad shoulders and muscular legs. The sign of Aquarius rules the lower leg and circulatory system. As they age, they are prone to hardening of the arteries and varicose veins. Along with quick speech, they aptly use their hands to accentuate their words.

Aquarians are natural teachers. Creative by nature, the Water Bearer thrives in many careers, including writer, composer, dancer (they love to dance), athlete, radio announcer and, of course, performer. When the Aquarian finds a career that allows them the freedom to be who they are, they will stay for a lifetime. However, it may be a long journey before this happens. As an employee, they are conscientious, hard working and trustworthy.


Positive qualities: friendly, independent, humanitarian, assertive, progressive, and creative.

Negative qualities: aloof, detached, stubborn, eccentric, temperamental, uncongenial, and radical.

Lucky day: Wednesday.

Birthstone: Amethyst.

Compatible marriage signs: Gemini and Libra.

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley, Paul Newman, Babe Ruth, Ellen Degeneres, Rob Thomas, Justin Timberlake, and Matt Dillon