Let’s Go to Prison Giveway!

Let’s Go to Prison Giveway!

The Voice has prize packs for the new Universal DVD Let’s Go to Prison to give away to 10 lucky Voice readers.

To enter, simply email voice@ausu.org with your name, email address, and a daytime contact number, and tell us what kind of new column you’d most like to see in The Voice.

Winners will be selected by a random draw.


Movies Details: Let’s Go to Prison

Career criminal John Lyshitski (Dax Shepard) survived his latest stint in the slammer dreaming of his revenge on Nelson Biederman III, the judge who first sent him to prison. When he learns that Biederman died just days before his release, Lyshitski decides to punish the judge’s pompous only son, Nelson IV (Will Arnett), instead. After he engineers the arrest and incarceration of Biederman, Lyshitski deliberately gets himself arrested and heads happily back to the slammer to witness the inevitable mayhem. He pretends to befriend Biederman, even snagging him as a cellmate, all the while working behind his back to make sure that his stay is as miserable as possible.

Things are looking glum for Nelson when he becomes the object of the affections of hulking gang leader Barry (Chi McBride), but just as Lyshitski begins to enjoy his sweet revenge, an unexpected turn of events turns Nelson into the Big Man of the Big House.