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>>> Forbes Magazine and recently released their annual list of the world’s richest people. Topping the list for the umpteenth time is Microsoft founder and owner, Bill Gates, who is worth a reported 56 billion dollars. What do you do with that much money? Coming in a close second is an investor by the name of William Buffet, whose total net worth equals up to 52 billion dollars. Rounding out our top three is a relative unknown, owner of American Movil (a Mexican telecommunications company), by the name of Carlos Slim Helu, worth about 49 billion dollars (1).

>>> For all us working stiffs, it’s tax season again but this year there was an interesting twist. A computer glitch in the Canada Revenue Agency’s computers prevented people from filing online for several days, delaying the entire process. Yet a statement from Stephen Harper reveals that there will be no extension on the tax deadline (2). Sorry folks. Taxes still have to be filed on time ? but don’t expect the same about your return. Many fear that the only effect felt from this “glitch” is a definite delay in the acquisition of the tax returns.

>>> Artificial limbs have become commonplace in humans, but what about within the animal kingdom? A Chinese rescue team in the northern reaches of China are attempting to find a way to give a panda bear a replacement paw. The panda was rescued after a vicious fight with two other pandas, resulting in the loss of its paw. The panda’s ability to walk and eat have been severely impaired, leaving the rescuers no choice but to attempt at a replacement as they believe that the panda will certainly die without it (3).

It’s been a tough time for some Hollywood parents. Johnny Depp spent days in an England hospital with a desperately ill daughter. Lily-Rose Depp became seriously ill with a blood disorder that went undiagnosed for some time, but which has been revealed today to be the deadly E. Coli. The virus apparently shut down the child’s kidneys, putting her life in danger. Depp and his partner, French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis stayed at the child’s side for days, with Depp taking time away from filming Tim Burton’s Sweeny Todd. Filming will resume next week (4).

* Did You Know: Bill Clinton’s cat, Socks, was the only “First Cat” to ever hold residence in the White House? While all the other Presidents were animal owners, all coming before and after Clinton boasted dogs as their pets.*

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