Click On This – Music Mania & Bizzartery

Music Mania

Find songs you’ve heard on television or in movies.

The Vinyl Villain
Dust off those old platters and share them with the world.

Pink Floyd – Echoes
Listen to Floyd online; just click a square!

Worst Lyrics of All Time
While I have seen worse than some of what’s here, some of these are truly, incredibly painful to look at.

“Compilations of the classic and obscure. Every month, two 80-minute mixes catering to the cognoscenti and the newcomer.”


9 to 5 Art
Turn your workday into something a lot more pleasant than a spreadsheet . . . or just make art out of the spreadsheet.

Deidre Scherer
Some absolutely fabulous life-sized works in fabrics and threads.

Ice Sculpture
See? Winter’s not so bad after all. Every time I see things like this, I am stunned in the same way I’m stunned when I stand before Niagara Falls.

Bathtub Art Museum
Sometimes we forget to step back and truly appreciate things we tend to relegate to being functionally decorative, and forget that those things are valid art too.

Matchstick Man
Making music out of matches, one tiny wooden stick at a time.