Click On This – Meaty Beaty, Not Sure If I Can Eaty

I’m by no means a fussy eater. I don’t watch carbs, I don’t count calories, and I don’t much care what things look like on a plate so long as they don’t emit an odour like a dung heap and cause me to question my eyes. But a couple of these would sure push my capacity to take it in, in any way.

Garbage Plate
Yet another in a long line of heart attack on a plate, late-night, post pub-crawl meals. And to think that they’re famous for it.

Hot Dog German Opera
Without a doubt this is one of the most revolting things I’ve ever seen.

Hot Dog Aquarium
This person has far too much time, and processed meat by-product, on their hands.

Octodog’s Frankfurter Converter
And they say you shouldn’t play with your food.

Raw Hamburger Alphabet
C is for cook me; that’s good enough for me.