Click On This – Do, Make, Say, Think

The Internet doesn’t have to be about serious study, nutty news, or boring banking only.

Air Guitar Nation
You can’t just perform up there under the lights; you need a moniker to draw them in! Apparently my new name is Lonita “Air Tight” Fraser. Rock on!

Incredible Strange Words
I’m sure they’ll be hitting the popular lexicon any minute now. I’m personally fond of: “gittage: a famous metaphor for selfishness based on a story about middle aged banjo players leaving the cinema in the middle of ‘Lord of the Rings’ due to personal limitations.”

Stripe Generator
Just say no to polka dots, paisley, and plaid!

Horrible Sounds Generator
Headphones may be in order.

Modern Art Generator
This one has many more options than these sites usually do. Try the pastels and greyscales.

William Carlos Williams Poem Generator
My masterpiece:

This is just to say
I have walked
the sewers
that were out
the fish

and which
you were probably saving
for your anger

Forgive me
they were ascerbic
so objective
and so demented

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