Click On This – This ‘n’ That

The Internet is full of wonder and surprise, and just plain eyebrow-raising curiosity.

Things the Royal Mail Service in the U.K. Won’t Carry
… like stamps. They won’t carry stamps.

Origami Art
It was very difficult to believe some of this was origami. It’s incredible.

All Known Bodies in the Solar System
A beautiful image of anything larger than 200 miles in diameter. It may take a few moments to load, but is well worth it for the space buff.

Food Storage
When to save and when to throw it out. I know it’s something I’ve always suffered confusion over.

The Tacky Postcard Archive
Oh dear. Amusing, fun, and a fine tribute to bad taste of all sorts.

The Museum of Lost Interactions
The height of sophistication wasn’t always the telephone or Internet. I wonder if we could get the Richophone going again . . .