Education News – Google Bans Ads for Essay-Writing Services

Education News – Google Bans Ads for Essay-Writing Services

In response to complaints that essay-writing services ?undermine the integrity of university degrees? (1), Google will ban advertisements for these services from its site.

Beginning in June, the popular search engine will no longer carry ads from companies that sell made-to-order essays. Several such ads can still be found on Google, with some sites offering essay-writing services for as much as $15 per page. Fast turnaround times are promised, with advertisers quoting delivery within eight to twenty-fours hours of an essay being ordered.

A London Times article reports that essay-writing companies are unhappy about the decision, claiming that their services are only intended to act as educational guides to students and that ?they warn students not to use such essays dishonestly? (1).

However, a review of essay-writing sites reveals that many promise to use plagiarism-detecting software to ensure that students are not caught cheating when they hand in their purchased assignments, a move that belies the idea of buying essays for example purposes only.

As Drummond Bone, president of Universities U.K, puts it, ?Essay writing sites claim that students pay hundreds of pounds for model answers–but do not then submit these as their own work. We all know this claim is absurd? (1).

Although students wanting to purchase essays can still perform a Google search to find those services, the new ad ban means that essay-writing sites will be harder to find–and scholars may just find themselves turning to ads for tutoring services instead.

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