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Often, too often, we build, we use, then we exit and forget. Sometimes this goes beyond merely leaving a place, and extends to the point where everyone has left and everyone has forgotten. Following are links that will take you to some very interesting examples of abandoned and unused places, and urban decay.

The Nostalgia Glass

Photographic explorations of the ruined historic architecture of Russia and elsewhere; estates, palaces, their histories and fates.

Japanese Urban Decay

Some interesting, and a little disturbing, examples of abandoned places. This site is not in English.

Abandoned Britain

“This site documents the urban decay of Industrial sites, Hospitals, Asylums,” and so much more.

Disused Stations on the London Underground

It is not just what’s on the ground that we abandon, it is also what is underneath.

London’s Abandoned Tube Stations

This site also documents the abandoned tube stations of London.

Abandoned Past

“Urban Exploration is about visiting and experiencing these often forgotten places and photographing and documenting them before they disappear forever. We visit everything from vast disused lunatic asylums, abandoned military establishments to industrial sites to underground bunkers from Victorian times to World War Two and even the Cold War.”

Ghost Towns

It is not just single buildings or train stations that go by the wayside, but entire towns as well?and this is by no means a complete list of the abandoned towns of North America.

Monument Ghost Town Gallery

This site, too, shares with us some of the abandoned towns of the United States.

Modern Ruins in Finland

As you can see, modern ruins are a universal condition.


And, finally, ghost towns that could be right outside our Canadian front doors.

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