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One of the things that sets mankind apart as a species is the manner in which we communicate. We have a rather unique language, and sometimes the things we do with it are equally unique.


While we can be such original creatures, there is also the fact that sometimes we aren’t; sometimes we say things that are just a bit askew. A site dedicated to the oxymoron in all its glory.

Newcastle English

Newcastle, a city in England very close to the Scottish border, is not only far out in distance, but also far out in its language. The people from Newcastle have an accent that might be all but unintelligible to the untrained ear, but it’s not just the way they speak; it’s also what they say, as these dictionaries will attest.


It is not by word alone that man defines his concepts and actions. This gentleman, for example, defines terms using–you guessed it–LEGO.

Word Navigator

Trying to solve a word puzzle? Perplexed by that little mot that’s on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t quite bite off? Then this site is for you. You can use wildcards to stand in place of words and letters in order to find words you only know a part of; use question marks to find words that might be spelled only slightly differently than how you know them; and so much more. There is also a link to a Crossword Solver, if that’s more your game.

Common Errors in English

And finally, something very useful. This site lists, explains, and instructs on how not to fall into common traps in English grammar and spelling. Even if you think you know it all, look again. This site is an absolute must.

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