Click On This – Haikuku

There are those who would say that perverting the poetic form of haiku is just that: a perversion. However, there are those who also say that one ought not to take anything that seriously. I shall let you decide for yourselves. Here is a selection of haiku-related links that demonstrate the less formal side of the form.

The Fabulous and Nonsensical Haiku Generator

?With a click of a button, you can have an endless multitude of poor haiku to impress your dullard friends, or try to make new ones! These haiku are best performed in front of lots of people, a grocery store makes a great forum. You’ll become the next Ezra Pound, the next Walt Whitman, the next person to be physically assaulted by a complete stranger!?

And this, my friends, is what I got upon hitting the button. I’ll let you all know how the performance went.

or breadboards enders
desolation expunges
miserable cab

Random Word Haiku

This site is similar to the link above, but this one generates multiple haiku at once, and each word of each piece is linked to a dictionary definition of the word.

Formal tumescence,
avian lockjaw superman,
forgivable disperse.


Haiku based on news headlines and stories. I somewhat liked this one:

Yum, not a hazard
Pizza will outlive us all
Atomic oven

SPAM Haiku Archives

You see? Spam need not be merely a meat-like product; it can also be art!

Salvador Dali
Paints soft, drooping cans of pork:
?Persistence of SPAM.?

The Genuine Haiku Generator

?The Genuine Haiku Generator creates evocative, meaningful verse using completely random combinations of individual words. Words follow one another according to general grammatical principles, tempered with a touch of poetic license.?


Something a little more surreal, perhaps? Try this out, or submit your own.