Click On This – Wonderworld

Too often, I think, we rush from sun to sun, and do not take enough time to look at the beauty of the world that we inhabit. This week, then, a celebration of some of the beauties of planet Earth.

U.S. National Arboretum: Bonsai Images

No doubt the most well-known of plant life manipulations are the collection of tiny trees we call bonsai. I used to think, as a child, that tiny apple trees would grow very tiny apples. ?Twas not to be, however.

Arborsculpture World Tour

You can take a tree down and carve a chair, or grow a grove to suit a shape; but did you know you can manipulate full-size living trees as well?

Gordo’s Cloud Gallery

They hang above us almost daily; we watch their flight and find dreams and the shapes of objects around us. Solid, yet fleeting, these clouds’ fleeting shapes are caught in the frozen time of photographs.

Deep Sea Photography

The wonders that most of us will never see up close on our own; the life beneath the undiscovered country of the sea.

World Championships of Sand Sculpture

Man manipulates not only the trees, and mentally manipulates not only the clouds, but also the tiny stones of sand that blanket almost every beach in the world. I made a tiny little sandcastle last year, but I’m guessing the waves of Lake Erie have washed it away by now.